The Redwood 'Greener Pastures' Infinity Scarf


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There’s warmth in the air as the sun peeks through ebbing clouds, making way for the clear blue sky. You take in a deep breath and inhale the refreshing breeze as you sniff the budding sunflowers, sighting the renewed Greener Pastures in the far distance. You instantly know spring is here, as you loosely hang your hand-knitted 100% cotton ‘Greener Pastures’ infinity scarf around your neck, or wrapped around your body as an off the shoulder item, ready for a new beginning. This ribbed scarf is applicable for all seasons, and all occasions.

Circumference – 720millimetres/0.72metres/28.34inches

Width – 160millimetres/0.16metres/6.29inches

Weight - 75grams

Keeping in mind that cotton allows a little bit of leeway for stretching.

Cold machine wash, though hand wash is highly recommended.

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